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Versioning System

The API is versioned based on Semantic Versioning 2.0.0. You can request any major version number when making requests to the API and you will recieve a response from the most recent minor/patch issue within that version.

i.e. If versions 0.0.0, 0.1.0, 0.1.1, and 1.0.0 exist and you request version 0, you will recieve a response from 0.1.1.

For all versions 1.0.0 onwards, minor and patch version changes will always be backwards compatible and will not invalidate previous code which uses the API. Non-backwards-compatible updates will come in the form of major version updates and you will have to explicitly start requesting the new version once you are sure that your application is ready.

Requesting a Version

Request a version of the API by including an Accept HTTP header in the form: application/vnd.ents24.com.vX or application/vnd.ents24.com.vX+json where ‘X’ is the version number you want to request.

e.g. application/vnd.ents24.com.v1

If the Accept header is unspecified then we will serve API version 0.


Here you can find details of changes between versions of the API, in order to assist in migrating your app from one version to another.

Version 0.0.0

Current State of the API as of 01/09/2016 including all changes made during initial development.

Changes in Version 0.1.0

  • Artist documents now contain an “isDeceased” flag.

  • The artist/read and artist/list endpoints now have a new parameter called incl_deceased which defaults to false. You can optionally switch this to true if you wish to recieve documents for dead artists.

Changes in Version 1.0.0

  • API now returns Repeat Child Events (occurrences) as top level documents for all repeat events as well as nesting them inside their parent event.

  • API now returns Multi-Venue Festival Parents as documents as well as their children. They have the same structure as a repeat parent does in that they contain an occurrences block with nested children in it.

  • Outputted event documents now include the following boolean flags:

    • isRepeatParent
    • isRepeatChild
    • isFestivalParent
    • isFestivalChild
  • Outputted event documents which are children now include a reference to the ID of their parent. parentID